Journalists associations

Bangladesh has numerous associations of journalists all over the country. Jatiya Press Club (National Press Club) with over 1,000 members is situated in the capital city. The offices of the BFUJ and DUJ are also housed on the same premises, making it a hub of journalists. The Press Club provides a forum for political, social and cultural groups and individuals, for holding press briefings and seminars. Like the trade unions, the National Press Club is also divided into the groups that are aligned with the two large political parties. It is run by an elected body.

Press clubs are also present at district headquarters and are not constituent of the National Press Club.

In addition, the Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU) is the largest body of reporters of Dhaka-based newspapers, television and radio, online portals, and news agencies. Founded in 1995 to work for the interests of reporters, it has now 1,500 members. DRU organises discourses, workshops and computer courses for members. Politics has little influence in DRU.

Associations like Bangladesh Parliament Journalists’ Association, Dhaka Sub-Editors Council, Bangladesh Photo Journalists Association and Television Camera Journalists Association work for protecting the interests of their members. There are many district - and upazila - (region) level organisations. Besides, there are associations for the reporters of specific news beats.

The Editors’ Council is an organisation of editors of the highest-circulated newspapers in the country. Formed in 2013, the organisation aims to play an active role in protecting press freedom, developing professionalism, and strengthening the editorial institution. It often issues statements against government policies or actions that go against the journalists’ community. The Newspaper Owners' Association of Bangladesh (NOAB) is an organisation of newspapers’ owners. They often use their platform to bargain with the government on different business-related issues.

Journalists are not required to become members of either the union or the associations