Landscape analysis

Bangladesh is slowly but steadily embracing innovations in the tech arena. Over the past five years, multiple local and multinational companies have come up with innovative products and services. While global giants such as Netflix and Iflix have become available for the public, local products such as Bioscope have also made their mark in the video content segment particularly with Bangla films, dramas, TV series. Localised audio content services such as GP Music also gained significant momentum.

The game-changing innovation was, however, the ride sharing. Uber, the global taxi service company, hit Dhaka’s streets in November 2016 and the response to it was enormous. With an inefficient taxi service in the chaotic capital city, the app-based service came as a huge relief for many. The following year, Uber launched its bike-sharing service. Local companies came forward introducing similar services, seeing fast-increasing demand for ride-sharing among the city dwellers. Pathao, a local company with similar ride offers is now competing with Uber. Two other local companies, Obhai and Shohoz Rides, are now also available in the city.