Audience measurement organisations

In January 1999 the TV measurement system established by BMRB, known as SIAR daily panel appeared. The Advertising Media Department of AA&M became the first subscriber among Azerbaijan advertising agencies. Since January 2006, SIAR operates its own TV viewing measurement system together with CESP and MARKDATA. In January, 2000 SIAR started to measure radio and press (via daily panels) and in January 2007 it started monitoring OOH. Between 2001 and 2005 only TV monitoring bases and TV viewing data are available.

In January, 2005 the AGB people-metric panel appeared on the market. TV MR AZ AGB, a Nielsen Media Research Official Licensee, began delivering people-meter data in January 2005, based on 150 households in Baku. Today, the panel represents 400 national households, which cover all urban areas in Azerbaijan. AA&M Media Department became one of the first subscribers and the list was extended with Universal Yayim, MPG, AA&M, Banner Group, OMM, Azerbaijan Media Exchange, MaxMedia, VIA-Media and Hepta Group. In March, 2012 AGB started monitoring radio. TV monitoring bases and TV viewing data are available since 2005.