The Azerbaijani media environment does not provide the population with sufficient, balanced information about their country. This is mainly due to three factors: First of all there is no specialisation. More precisely, specialisation is only available at a Master's degree level. Taking into account that not all bachelors receive a master's degree and qualify, this becomes problematic. Even the specialised training received tends to be too theoretical. Second, the news presented to the Azerbaijani population are incomplete and one-sided, and the events in the country are presented superficially or in a biased way. There is no event analysis, debate or discussion. Third, it must also be noted that media managers do not deal with market research and with the interests of the audience. There is no competition and media are governed by the administrative system, not the market economy. This means most media managers are focusing on "profitable and productive" activities, rather than "humanity and community." In countries that do not have free market rules, the environment lacks free competition. In such cases, media do not earn money autonomously and get financial resources from officials or oligarchs. When this is case, media focus on protecting the interests of particular interest groups, not of the general public.