Regulatory authorities

As mentioned above, law 92 of 2016 on The Institutional Regulation of the Egyptian Media, states the creation of three new bodies that would regulate Egyptian print, broadcast and electronic media: The establishment of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation(SCMR), The National Council for Print Media (NCPM), The National Council for Broadcast Media (NCBM).   

Following the January 25 and June 30 revolutions, there had been public demand for safeguarding the independence of the media by curbing direct and indirect government interference, and establishing a regulatory system for media outlets.  

Before 2016, the media was under the supervision of the Ministry of Information that was abolished in 2014 as it was one of the main demands of the January 25 Revolution. The ERTU used to work in affiliation with the Ministry of Information under Law 13 of 1979, and the Print sector used to work under the Higher Council of the Press, that is replaced now by the National council for Print Media.  

The new regulatory bodies are still in their infant stage of institutional development to set the responsibilities of different bodies and departments and to make sure that there is a demarcation of tasks to avoid overlaps and confusion.  

In addition, the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) oversees the telecommunications sector in Egypt, improves the service and expands usage. It works with the SCMR in the assigning of broadcast frequencies.