News agencies

Wakalet Inbaa alSharq alAwasat (Middle East News Agency - MENA),  was founded in 1956 and is the main source of bulletins and reports on Middle East news, including politics, business, culture and sports. It operates under the ownership of the Egyptian government and is presented in Arabic, English and French.  

The MENA provides six services to cover the main news:  

  • Local Arabic news bulletin: Targets subscribers living in Egypt. It covers political, social, economic, cultural and sports news. It covers the main news happening in the Arab world, Middle East and internationally.
  • Press services: Provides a variety of features, news analysis and photo services. It covers international sectors such as culture, art, science, sports and history.
  • Publications in Print: Bulletins printed daily, biweekly and weekly.
  • Cairo Press Review (CPR): Daily English-language publication covering main news published in the Egyptian newspapers.
  • Party Press Review (PPR) news: Biweekly publication in English covering the main news published in the party newspapers in Egypt.
  • The MEN (Economic Magazine): Weekly English publication provides the main economic news concerning those working in the Egyptian economy. 

Other foreign news agencies operate in Egypt as well, including The Associated Press, Reuters and the French news agency AFP. Reuters and AFP have Arabic websites with translated articles about the main international news of the day and news of the Arab region.