News agencies

The Agence Centrafricaine de Presse (Central African Press Agency - ACAP), created in 2012 and attached to the office of the Minister of Communication and Media, is the country’s only news agency. This public entity, which operates only online with a very limited audience, is headed by Simon Pierre Ndouba and has only 10 employees (journalists, civil servants and cameramen). It has no local correspondents in provincial cities. By definition, a news agency is an organisation that sells information (texts, photos, videos, etc) to media in the same way as a wholesaler provides retailers. Instead ACAP operates as a simple website serving the authorities.

Apart from ACAP, there is no private organisation in the country that organises itself as a real news agency. On the other hand, on the Internet, the websites of Corbeau News Centrafrique and of RJDH operate as small online news agencies, because their news are regularly published by other Central African sites and even by some print newspapers in Bangui.