Media development organisations

Several international organisations have arrived in Central African Republic in order to help the media with technical and financial support. Others have been on the ground since the early 2000s, such as the Swiss Foundation Hirondelle, which supports Radio Ndeke Luka, Radio France Internationale (RFI) which has been supporting several community radio stations since 2006, and Panos Network, which has been present since 2009.

The other organisations are relatively new, such as Internews, which has been present in the CAR since 2010 and supports the networks of journalists in Central Africa and the United Nations (UN), which has been supporting Radio Guira since 2017.

In addition to these international agencies, UJCA and OMCA have also provided some support to local media, but their activities are limited to training and further training of journalists. Furthermore, some associations and political parties are suspected of discreetly supporting specific local media. But this has not always been clearly established.