Regulatory authorities

Several authorities regulate electronic media, telecommunications and the press. The most important authority is the Austrian Communications Authority KommAustria, which was legally founded by the KommAustria Act (2001). Since 2010, KommAustria acts fully independently and is responsible for the allocation of frequencies and licences for private broadcasting as well as for the supervision of ORF and its subsidiaries. Moreover, it observes compliance with advertising rules by public and private broadcasters and administers the Austrian press subsidy scheme. The Federal Administrative Court is the court of appeal for any decision made by the KommAustria.

KommAustria is supported by the Rundfunk- und Telekomm-Regulierungs GmbH (RTR), which acts as its secretariat. RTR is responsible for the implementation of the press subsidy scheme, the Fund for Digitalisation and several other duties. It publishes a useful yearbook on the development of the media and telecommunication sector in Austria (in German).