Opinion makers

Digital based opinion makers in SNS and other platforms are only slowly gaining importance in Austria. During times of elections or other outstanding events, some of the blogs get more attention. Exact information about the success of blogs is difficult to obtain.

Basically, there are two different rankings which include a variety of factors taken into account. One is Blogheim.at which combines social media figures, page ranks by Alexa, the number of backlinks and other data. In their ranking, fashion and lifestyle blogs rank high, as well as regional blogs on events and local news. Just one blog on politics is within the top ten (Neuwal.at). Remarkably, a blog on fake news and cyber security ranks second in Blogheim.at

A second ranking is PPolitometer.at which concentrates on political blogs and ranks them according to their success in SNS like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. In this ranking individual politicians – most of them controversial or polarizing persons – appear within the top-ranked blogs, as well as the main opinion leading newspapers and news broadcasts.