Universities and schools

In Austria, communication studies are located at three universities (Klagenfurt, Salzburg and Vienna) and at several universities of applied sciences, scattered all over Austria. While the three universities focus on communication rather than journalism, some of the universities of applied sciences offer Bachelor courses in journalism and/or media management (Vienna), journalism and public relations (Graz) or marketing and communication management (Kufstein).

Furthermore, there are two professional organizations offering training for journalists. Founded in 1978, the Kuratorium für Journalistenausbildung (Center for Journalism Training) is the most prestigious journalism school in Austria. It operates with the support of the Austrian publishers’ association VÖZ and the journalism union GPA-djp. Apart from basic courses in journalism, this center offers a wide choice of advanced topical courses for acting journalists. Its seminars and courses are often organized in collaboration with Swiss and German journalism schools. Many top journalists in Austria are alumni of this Center. It is headquartered in Salzburg and runs an office in Vienna.

Since 2011, the Vienna-based Fjum (Forum Journalismus und Medien) is also offering journalism training courses. Apart from topical courses such as science journalism, literary writing for journalists or storytelling workshops, Fjum also offers an English-language Master Degree programme in media innovation management, in cooperation with a university in Berlin. Fjum is financially supported by the municipality of Vienna.