Mobile ownership

As of 2017, Vivacell-MTS was the leader in the mobile telephone market with 61 percent shares and more than 2 million subscribers. ArmenTel (Beeline) had a share of 25.6 percent from 880,000 subscribers, and Ucom had 13.4 percent of the market and 460,000 customers. The same situation is observed in the field of mobile Internet access: According to data for 2017, Vivacell-MTS is a leading player with a market share of 73.5 percent and 1.33 million subscribers with Internet access rates. The share of ArmenTel (Beeline) makes 22 percent and almost 400,000 subscribers, and Ucom, correspondingly, has less than 5 percent and 83,000 connections. In 2017, all the three companies already provided broadband Internet access using 4G technology. The first 4G network was launched by MTS in 2010, and in 2017 the company reported that it provided 4G+ technology services to more than 52 percent of the country’s population. In 2016, ArmenTel (Beeline) launched its own 4G network, and Ucom began to provide services on 4G+ technology. Simultaneously, most residential areas of the republic are still provided with access through 3G and 2G technology.