Main trends

All the three mobile operators offer their subscribers new services related to the consumption of media content of Armenian news sites. A number of Armenian TV channels are accessible from mobile devices. Given the lack of statistical data or studies about the most popular mobile applications, the factor of the vast Armenian diaspora scattered around the world, suggests that Armenian mobile phone users communicate extensively with the outside world and do this through the most common applications: WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger. Since spring 2018, users have been actively using Telegram. This happened when the application was blocked in neighbouring Iran and Russia, which heightened interest in the platform. Although the number of users amounts to several tens of thousands, a steady growth in interest is constantly observed. At the moment, Telegram is mostly used by journalistic editors or the media for the rapid dissemination of information.

Recently some leading banks of Armenia such as, for example, Acba Credit Agricole Bank, VTB Bank Armenia, Inecobank, have successfully used mobile money and mobile banking applications, in cooperation with telecom operators, allowing users to manage their accounts via smartphones. These applications are used predominantly by progressive young people in the capital. Vivacell-MTS has launched its billing system Mobidram, which allows making monetary transactions at any time and pay bills from a mobile or online.