Regulatory authorities

The media sphere of Armenia is regulated by a whole range of legal acts, laws, regulations and articles that are directly and indirectly related to the field of journalism. The laws on mass information, television and radio, freedom of information, copyright and related rights, language, and advertising have a direct impact on the legal norms of the media system. The media are also controlled by the regulations of Հայաստանի հանրապետության հեռուստատեսության և ռադիոյի ազգային հանձնաժողով (the National Commission on Television and Radio - NCTR), individual articles of the Constitution, Criminal, Criminal Procedure and Electoral Codes of the Republic of Armenia.

There are no regulatory and supervisory bodies for print and online media in Armenia. Supervision of content in the broadcast media is carried out by the National Commission on Television and Radio. The commission consists of eight members: Half of the members are elected by the National Assembly, and the other half are appointed by the president for a six-year term. However, the procedure for the appointment of NCTR members and their independence remain issues of concern. Before the shift of power in the republic in spring 2018, the regulatory body had a pro-government bias as the parliamentary majority supporting the president nominated candidates who were loyal to the ruling power. This fact directly influenced the contests for the issuance of broadcasting licences, which frequently were not transparent and fair.