Audience measurement organisations

Organisations involved in audience measurement in the Ukrainian media landscape can be broadly divided into three groups. The first one consists of media companies or their professional associations that carry out such measurements to evaluate their own audience, primarily for marketing and strategic purposes. A good example is the Idustrialniy televiziyniy komitet (Television Industry Committee – TIC) that is essentially an association made up of four major television groups, four media groups and several separate channels. This particular organisation, however, has recently slowed down its research and analytical activity, having rather concentrated on media monitoring. The second group is represented by organisations involved in markets analysis business, including the media sector, such as GfK Ukraine, BIG DATA UA, InMind, Gemius, Kwendi or TNS. This group is also the most numerous. The third group is represented by NGOs acting primarily as watchdogs in the media sector and carrying out an entire array of activities related to media monitoring and evaluation, including audience measurement. These include organisations such as Detector Media and Telekritika (TV critics). The latter, however, are not trusted by all the players on Ukrainian media market. Eurosceptic media often claim not to trust these organisations saying they receive financing from the West and act against opposition outlets.