Professional development

There is no legal requirement for Ukrainian journalists to undergo professional development. However, it is considered professional to do so and is therefore very common. Professional development courses are numerous and are offered by various entities. First and foremost, such courses are available at Universities and postgraduate educational institutions. For instance, the Institute of Journalism of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv offers seven different professional development programs. Another good example is the Ukrainian TV, Radio Broadcasting and Press Institute that specializes exclusively in programs of professional development for journalists working in either of three sub-sectors. Secondly, such programs may be delivered either by associations of the media sector or by foreign/international journalistic organizations. A good example is the Ukrainian Media E-School organized by the Independent Association of Broadcasters in cooperation with DW Akademie, School of Journalism at Ukrainska Pravda in cooperation with DW Akademie.

Since 2017, there is a regular program in economic journalism from the Center for Journalism at the Kyiv School of Economics, where economists teach journalists data analysis, market analysis, the basics of finance and economics.

Finally, professional development services are offered by media development organizations to be dwelled upon in the section below. A good example is OPEN Media Hub. A big role in education of journalists is played by media NGOs such as Internews Ukraine, Detector Media, Fundatsiya Suspilnist (Commonness Foundation), Ukraine Crisis Media Centre, Instytut rozvytku regionalnoyi presy (Institute for the Development of Regional Press), etc.