Media development organisations

There are several organizations in Ukraine focused on media development: a non-governmental Media Development Foundation, as well as a private consulting company JNOMICS.

It would rather be fair to say that media development, as a goal and practice, exists at the intersection of numerous NGOs’ activities. For instance, there is the already mentioned watchdog Detector Media. It is involved in media development, but the main practices it resorts to are scrupulous monitoring and harsh criticism. Hence, it makes media want to improve themselves rather than being a source of funding/training/promoting/etc. itself. To cite another one, the Institute of Mass Information is primarily a think tank, and media development is only another of its activities.

in 2019, the Center for Journalism at the Kyiv School of Economics conducted a study of business models of the Ukrainian media, its results help editions to improve their practices. The Center also advises media owners and editors.

However, there are also NGOs that are exclusively involved in media development. Some good examples are Information Security, Internews Network, Internews Ukraine and Media Business Development Institute, and Independent Media Association.

Finally, there is a number of programs/organizations, established by foreign embassies/international organizations. For instance, the US Embassy has a Media Development Fund, funneling money to the development of media and media-related NGOs. Another good example is the already mentioned OPEN Media Hub, established by the EU within the framework of its Neighbourhood Policy.