Profiles of main tech parks, accelerators, hackathons

As it has been noticed above, Ukraine does not have a coherent strategy on implementation of innovations in telecommunications. The country undertakes quite active steps in implementing western practices with several years delay, but it does not invest enough money in domestic developments which makes these latter sporadic and few.

Yet there is a number of accelerators and incubators operating in Ukraine. These include 1991 Open Data Incubator, GrowthUP, WannaBiz, IoT Hub and AgroChallenge. Foreign accelerators and incubators represented in Ukraine include Starta Accelerator, Y Combinator, Alchemist, Tech Wildcatters, Techstars, Spherik, Startup Wise Guys, etc. Apart from that, there are accelerators and incubators established at big Ukrainian and foreign corporations, operating in the territory of Ukraine, for instance Kyivstar, Privatbank and Microsoft.

When it comes to tech parks, as of now Ukraine boasts sixteen of them. However, little to none among them are dedicated to telecommunication technologies, being rather involved with such industries as machine building, agriculture, applied physics, etcetera. The only two tech parks that are worth mentioning are Ukrinfotech and Intelektualni informatsiyni tekhnologiyi (Intelligent Information Technologies – IIT). Both of them are based in Kyiv.