Audience measurement organisations

Different organisations have been collecting data and information about the Swiss media landscape. Certified print runs and print coverage numbers are being collected by WEMF (AG für Werbemedienforschung) since 1964 by order of the communication industry. WEMF also collects data about cinema attendance and the Internet use.

Since 2006 Mediapulse provides statistics for TV and radio usage. The Mediapulse foundation for Media Research is an independent organisation that measures the reaches and ratings for all relevant radio and TV stations operating in Switzerland. There are around 150 radio stations and some 300 TV channels, which are measured 24 hours a day.

The mandate for this research is based upon the radio and television act (sections 78-81). Mediapulse is required to independently collect scientific data and to make it available to broadcasters, programme makers, the advertising industry and the research and public policy communities. The annual data is released twice a year. Mediapulse works under supervision of the Federal Department for the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (UVEK), which is also in charge of the election of the 19 members of the Foundation Board. The Administrative Board comprises eight members from SBC, private broadcasters and the advertising industry.