Three television studios of the public broadcaster SRG SSR in Geneva, Lugano and Zurich produce six independent programmes - two for each linguistic region - as well as a special programme in the Romansch language. In addition, SF info repeats the German-language news and information programmes. In detail, in 2015 (counting persons from the age of three over 24 hours) the programmes of public TV reached the following market shares (in their corresponding language region): German-speaking part: SRF 1 18.4 percent, SRF 2 10.1 percent, RTL 5.7 percent, ARD 5.1 percent, ZDF 4.8 percent, Sat 1 4.2 percent, Vox 3.3 percent and Pro Sieben 3 percent. In the French-speaking part the ranking reads as follows: TSR1 22 percent, TSR2 7 percent. And in the Italian-speaking part: RSI La1 20 percent, RSI La2 7 percent.

In the television sector, competition is limited to the SRG SSR and the foreign television channels. In each language region, private and public TV stations from neighbouring countries reach a considerable number of viewers. Swiss commercial TV stations only exist in the German-speaking part, namely STAR TV, Schweiz 5 and 3+. In addition, there are regional commercial TV broadcasters in all three language regions. These are in the German-speaking part Schaffhauser Fernsehen, TeleBärn, TeleBasel, Tele Bielingue, Tele M1, TeleTell, Tele Ostschweiz, Tele Südostschweiz, TeleTop, TeleZüri Tele1; in the French-speaking part Canal 9, Canal Alpha, Canal NV, la télé, maxtv, ICI télévison, TV Léman Bleu, TV Région Lausannoise and in the Italian-speaking part TeleTicino. All of them have only a low number of viewers. Even worse, most of these stations have lost on audience in the past two years. Their market share accounts for less than 1 percent. Most of these private regional stations get splits of the licence fee to enable them to provide regional variety.

Compared with other countries, switzerland has a low TV consumption, with an average of 118 minutes (German-speaking part) respective 135 minutes (French-speaking part) per day. About 30 percent of the market share went to the public TV broadcasters. TV channels from abroad accounted for 60 percent.