Regulatory authorities

Swedish media policy is a matter of government and is handled by the Ministry of Culture. The main authority is Myndigheten för press, radio och tv (the Authority for press, radio and television), which distributes the subsidy to the daily press, as well as grants licenses for commercial television and radio. The broadcasting licenses of the public service companies are granted directly by the government.

For cable and satellite television, no licence is needed, but all broadcasters have to register their activities. It is also possible to register internet sites at the Authority for press, radio and television, for legal protection.

Post-och telestyrelsen (The Swedish Post and Telecom Agency - PTS) is a government organisation that monitors electronic communications and postal sectors in Sweden. It covers telephony, the internet and radio. The agency works with consumer and competition issues, efficient utilisation of resources and secure communications. PTS supervises telecom operators to ensure that competition is functioning, works with analyses of market trends and allocates the operators with number series.