Opinion makers

Alongside traditional PR bureaus like JKL or Westander, digital opinion makers have appeared. According to blog lists, the most common topics are beauty, fashion, sports and food, written by and for young women. According to the Focus magazine, the top-hundred most important opinion makers is made up of a mix of, for example, CEOs, economists, ministers and party leaders.

Twitter is a powerful network for specific groups, such as journalists and politicians. Some Swedish artists have the most followers, particularly artists who have a strong presence in the societal debate. The singer Zara Larsson, comedian Soran Ismail, comedian and artist Jonas Gardell, and tv personalities Fredrik Wikingsson and Mark Levengood had the highest impact in 2015. Important issues for these artists are, among others, the importance of integration, the struggle for feminism and equality and the right to all kinds of sexual orientation.