Audience measurement organisations

Until 2015 Het Oplage Instituut (HOI) was responsible for providing publishers, advertisers and the audience with data on circulation (print and digital). These were published every three months. In 2015 HOI merged with National Onderzoek Multimedia (NOM) that was responsible for audience measurement. Now NOM measures both circulation and surveys audiences of newspapers, free weeklies (reach only) and magazines. Also the digital circulation is measured. Part of the information is freely available; the reports on circulation are issued each three months and cover a full year. Audience research is based on a sample of more than 20,000 inhabitants aged 13 years and older and is published every six months.

Online reach is measured by the Vereniging voor Internet Exploitanten (Vinex) and is published monthly. In September 2016, a new method was introduced, which measures reach on every device (laptop, tablet, mobile).

Not all publishers are member of Vinex or NOM, but advertisers usually require reliable and comparable data that only can be provided by these organizations. Most major publishers are therefor member of NOM and Vinex.

TV is measured by Stichting Kijkonderzoek (SKO). Radio by RAB.