Social networks

Internet penetration in the Netherlands is high, with 92 percent of the people being online at least once a month in 2015 (CBS, 2016). This groups consists for an important part of people above 75 years of age, 50 percent of which go online at least once a month.

In October 2016 Facebook had  9.8m visits from people in The Netherlands, Linkedin had 4.2 million users monthly (6 million  Dutch have an account), Twitter had 2.2 million active users a month, 2.1 milllion people said they used Instagram, Pinterest had 2 million users, 1 million people said they used Snapchat, 1.2 million visited a Tumblr page, Google+ had 740,000 monthly users in the Netherlands, Whatsapp was installed on 11.2m Dutch smartphones and 7 million people said to use it on a daily basis (Marketingfacts, 2017).