Two national radio stations compete on news, public broadcaster Radio 1 and commercial station BNR. In the last years Radio 1 had a market share of seven percent while BNR was stuck on 1 percent. The 13 combined regional stations also focus on news. They have a market share of more than 11 percent (2016), although the differences between regions are substantial, ranging from a market share of almost 30 percent in the north of the country to less than 10 in the central and western regions.

Radio in the Netherlands is mostly music radio. The most popular stations are commercial stations Radio 538, Sky, Q-music and Veronica, public broadcasters 3FM, ORN (regional) and Radio 2. These stations - together with Radio 1 - have market shares of five percent or more in the last years.

The total time spent on radio was between 2.5 and three hours a day in 2016 ( Radio is usually listened to while doing something else (Media:tijd, 2015). When people listen to audio, 82 percent of the time (almost three hours) is spent on live radio, 15 minutes is spent on online music services and 21 minutes on playing one’s own music (Audio Distributie Onderzoek, 2015).