Trade unions

The Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) is the umbrella organisation of all journalists in Nepal. It’s not a trade union in the strictest sense as it is not registered as a trade union, but it is a powerful organisation, given that almost all journalists are its members – more than 13,000 across Nepal, and has local units in 73 among 77 administrative districts and unit committees in major media houses. The FNJ brings together journalists from all political affiliation and represents journalists in various state mechanisms for media and journalists including the Press Council Nepal. 

Kantipur Television, the largest private television network, has its own union – the Kantipur Television Karmachari Sangh (Kantipur Television Employee Association), which is the first independent trade union within a private media house. A few other private media houses including Image Channel and Annapurna Post daily had trade unions, which are mostly inactive due to a failure to renew registrations. It was established in 2007. All state-owned media – Nepal Television, Radio Nepal, Gorkhaptra Corporation and National News Agency have their own trade unions. 

The Nepal Press Union (NPU) is registered as a trade union but its members are journalists affiliated with Nepali Congress, a major right-wing party. It has membership and units across the nation. The Union of Media Employees Nepal was registered as a trade union of cross media employees in 2011 but hasn’t been active.