Opinion makers

Blogs had glorious days in Nepal in 2005 when a coup by the then King Gyanendra Shah lead to a censorship in media, and blogs became the main source of information about political happenings. However, the media fought back to regain its independence within a few weeks, and blogging fell off the limelight as the social media emerged as a powerful tool of expressing opinions by citizens. 

The most popular blog – mysansar – is run by journalist Umesh Shrestha as a personal blog where he divulges into wide types of contents including political opinions. Among other popular bloggers are Lex Limbu, Aakar Anil, KP Dhungana, Ashesh Shrestha and Rabi Raj Baral. 

Many Nepalis have taken Facebook and Twitter to express their opinions. Journalists are among the heaviest users of social media as they use them for expressing themselves, sharing information, sourcing information and promoting contents. A 2011 survey by the Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) found that more than 90 percent of journalists use social media.