Journalists associations

There are several associations: The Pan-Hellenic Federation of Journalists' Unions (Poesy) is a Greek trade union federation of journalists' unions. It was founded on 12 October 1994 in Athens by 25 representatives from the following five journalists’ unions: Journalists' Union of the Athens Daily Newspapers, Journalists' Union of Macedonia and Thrace Daily Newspapers, Journalists' Union of the Peloponnese, Epirus and the Islands, Journalists' Union of the Daily Newspapers of Thessaly, Central Greece and Evia and Periodical and Electronic Press Union.

The Hellenic Union of Editors of Periodical Press (HUEPP) is the union of 300 editorial/journalistic enterprises (newspapers and magazines), the periodical publication of which varies between 15 days and three months. The 300 professionals and recognized journalists that are members of the union cover a big variety of interests and their readers are more than 3 million. The HUEPP is the second-oldest press union of the country (it was founded in 1939) and recently celebrated its 75th anniversary.

The Foreign Press Association of Greece (FPA) was founded in 1916 and is the only officially recognized organization for foreign media representatives in the country. The main goal of this non-for-profit association is to promote the professional duties of its members. The Association includes approximately 300 journalists as members. These include 100 Active Members, who are foreign correspondents representing 150 foreign media from 40 countries. The rest are Associate Members, namely, employees of the Diplomatic Corps, Press Attaches, Communications and Public Relations consultants or other prominent people of Greek public life interested in keeping up with FPA’s progress and events.

The Association of Athens Daily Newspaper Publishers (composed by 11 publishers, and part  of the WAN and ENPA), the Association of Daily Provincial Newspaper Publishers, the Association of Regional TV Channels, the Union of Owners of Athenian Private Radio Stations. There is also the Association of Regional Press Publishers.

The Union of Regional Televisions in Greece, founded in 1995, represents the major regional and local private TV channels. The Union of Owners of Athenian Private Radio Stations represents most of the private radio stations of the greater Athens area. These two groups are among the most significant associations of the private broadcasting sector.

The Online Publishers Association was founded in 2012 and aims to represent the digital content publishers.

Other major industry organizations include: The National Private TV Channels Association, the Hellenic Association of Radio Owners, the Hellenic Radio Technicians Association, the Greek Association of Film Critics and the Association of Greek Film Producers – Directors.

The Association of Advertising Companies in Greece (EDEE), formed in 1968 and revamped in 2004, represents the advertisers, public relations companies as well as sponsoring and marketing companies of the country.