Opinion makers

There is an increasing number of bloggers and influential news sites, but there are no research agencies or organisations which measure the traffic of the Greek Internet. One can find blogs for news, sports, fashion, food, celebrities, etc.  The most known blog sites in Greece which could be recognised as well as “Internet influencers” are: Kouti tis Pandoras, TV Xoris Synora, The Press Project, Aixmi, Anti News, Protagon, Liberal, Rizopoulos, Kourdisto, Portocali, Trelo Kouneli, Pitsirikos, Fimotro. Most of them are focused on news and politics, while there are others focused on football fans such as Gavros, Panathinaikos Kosmos or Leoforos. Others are of special interest, such as Kariera (jobs), Lexigram (language), Orthodoxia (religion). There is no official data on the average number of visits per blog.