Journalists associations

Apart from trade unions there are a few other associations with either a local or a topical focus. The Frankfurter Presseclub (Frankfurt Pressclub – FPR) is located in the city of Frankfurt am Main. The association is composed of 315 single members and 345 corporate members from media organisations in and around Frankfurt. The club offers exclusive and open panel discussions and information events. It perceives itself as an independent network that collaborates with other parts of society like local politicians and businesses.

Freischreiber (Freewriters) is a lobby for freelancers. It offers regular tables in the bigger cities in order to establish information hubs for current legal developments, but also to form social circles as informal information networks.

The Neue Deutsche Medienmacher (New German Media Makers – NDM) is a nationwide network of journalists and media professionals with either a migrant background or who identify themselves as belonging to the post-migrant society. The overall aim of NDM  is to increase diversity in the media and to fight misconceptions about immigrants. NDM is running local clubs and provides support and vocational training for migrant journalists. A training project for exiled journalists started recently.

Pro Quote (Pro Quota) is an association that lobbies for an increase of female journalists. The organisation noticed a gender gap in the public debate, in wages and in career options. It strives to enlighten a broader public and pleads for a 30 percent quota of female journalists in editorial offices.