Journalists associations

The Belgian professional organisation for journalists is called AVBB/AGJPB (Algemene Vereniging van Beroepsjournalisten van België/Association Générale des journalistes professionels de Belgique). Since its foundation in 1978, it has been defending both the interests of journalists and their professional standards. The criterion for applying is that a person earns his/her main source of income from journalistic activities. Press photographers and cameramen are also part of the AVBB/AGJPB and enjoy the status of professional journalists. In 1988, AVBB/AGJPB formed Flemish VVJ (Vlaamse Vereniging van Beroepsjournalisten) and Walloon AJP (Association des Journalistes Professionels) divisions, who defend the rights of journalists for those issues that the language communities and institutions regulate. However, AVBB/AGJPB continues to exist at a federal level, taking care of federal affairs such as copyrights.

Flemish newspaper publishers have organised themselves in Vlaamse Nieuwsmedia (formerly Vlaamse Dagbladpers); The Ppress is the Belgian association of Belgian periodical press (magazines, trade magazines etc.). These organisations defend the interests of publishers, both nationally and internationally, and sign collective trade agreements with the journalist unions.