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Despite all efforts, technology use and software applications usage have not been rolled out with the same effectiveness as in other countries. The main reasons might include: Unstable economy in the country, low literacy levels. The e-governance is not implemented in Afghanistan as everything with applications is connected with one’s email ID. And as every application is connected with email, in Afghanistan people tend not to have active emails or don’t use them regularly. People and the civil society organisations are still not aware of the impact of applications on their advocacy and campaign works.

But this does not mean nothing is happening. The global needs for technology and innovation are factors that speed up the learning and usage processes. Furthermore, with the help of international organisations, there are innovation labs happening annually and attracting eager-to-attend public, especially among youths. Afghan women computer programmers are also famous globally. This means things are going on. Moreover, since the enhancement of innovation labs and forums, groups are formed to meet regularly and discuss different topics and stories related to the subject.