Professional development

Free media are new to Afghanistan and need more development in each and every aspect. Generally speaking professionalism, intending the quality and methods of journalism, is still weak in the media sector, but improving day by day. There are different opportunities for prospective journalist to develop their professionalism. Organisations such as Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan provide short term courses, as well as internship programs. There are also media outlets, including TVs, radios and prints that provide internship programs. Also, media-supporting organisations and media outlets are affiliated with universities’ journalism schools to receive senior students for a period of 3-5 months for internship programs.

Despite this, professionalism is a big challenge for Afghan media and one of the main critical points for the whole media sector. Challenges in this regard range from basic requirements of professionalism, to impartiality to balancing, to ignorance of privacy and ethical points.