Mobile coverage

The rural and mountain areas of the inner part of the country are still those with a weaker mobile network coverage, and in some of these zones only one provider, usually the state-owned one, is available. In these places it is more common to have cuts in the line, due to natural phenomena or vandalism, and they usually take longer to be repaired. Nonetheless, big cities, including the capital Caracas, are not excluded from these fails in the lines, as the whole infrastructure is generally deficient. Electricity blackouts are also very common in the whole country but more in rural areas, making regular connectivity impossible.

In general, the digital divide between rural and urban areas is very strong. Some small villages have neither fixed nor mobile phone connectivity and this digital divide has been increasing in the last years, according to Freedom House. Some states and regions with a stronger portion of rural population, such as the Amazonas, show lower mobile penetration rates. This has also affected some groups, like indigenous people, as they usually live in more or less isolated parts of the country which are often not connected.