News agencies

The Sudanese News Agency (SUNA) was established in 1971 and continues to promote the government voice on television and radio. The government also appoints its supporters or party members to lead the agency. The dispute inside the ruling party as to who will control the agency has affected the agency and it is now perceived as lagging behind other media entities in the country. The agency recently introduced a French-language news service in addition to English and Arabic services. The government provides all the financial resources for the agency and there is no online information about SUNA’s progress or profit.

There are some other agencies and online news sites such Sudan Tribune, Sudanese Online and Change Now, Aayin and other. These media outlets have created a strong platform attracting audiences inside and outside the country. These sites are not governmental and manage to represent the marginalised audience research and of institutions to support the measurement process is a big challenge facing media development plans in the country.