Social networks

As in the rest of the western countries, social networks have managed to capture millions of users in Spain, taking up the attention of a lot of people. According to the Arena & The Cocktail Analysis (2016), in 2016 social networks were used by 91 percent of Spanish Internet users.

In 2016, the Spanish market was led by Facebook, with more than 21 million registered users and 88 percent penetration. Instagram (41 percent) overtook Twitter (39 percent) as the second most used social network. Other popular social networks were LinkedIn (26 percent), Pinterest (15 percent) and Snapchat (9 percent).

Within the social networks, the Digital News Report 2016 highlights the fact that "Spain is the leading market in the use of WhatsApp (26 percent) and Twitter (19 percent) for news, tripling and doubling the global average, respectively." It is also noteworthy that 49 percent of users in Spain look at or comment on the news on Facebook during the week. However, it is observed that "generalist social networks are stagnant or decreasing, but 7 percent see the news on Instagram, 3 percent on Telegram, and 2 percent on Snapchat; only 13 percent of young users do not get, share or comment on news through a social network in a typical week.”