Radio is a medium of major scope and influence in Spain. More than just a medium of information or entertainment, it is a genuine catalyst for public opinion. The presenters of the magazine programmes of the main stations (Cadena SER, Cope, Onda Cero, Radio Nacional de España) are among the most influential journalists among citizens.

The Spanish radio audience has remained stable in recent years, relatively oblivious to the ups and downs that other media have suffered because of the crisis. According to the EGM, in March 2016 the radio in Spain reached the figure of 25.9 million daily listeners, of which 11.4 million consumed generalist radio and 14.5 million specialised radio (mainly musical). This figure includes both the consumption of radio through traditional devices and online radio, a second channel on the rise.

As with television audiences, leadership in radio belongs to private companies. In the second EGM survey of 2016 (which goes from October 2015 to May 2016), the leading radio network was Cadena SER, which belongs to PRISA group, with about 4.3 million daily listeners according to EGM. Other popular stations were Cadena COPE (2.5 million), Onda Cero (1.7 million), RNE (RTVE - 1.3 million) and some regional radio networks.