Regulatory authorities

Ministarstvo kulture i informisanja (Ministry of Culture and Information) has the role of ensuring the implementation of existing media legislation, preparing new draft laws, organising consultations and working groups in the process, carrying media content co-financing calls, and allocating funds for the chosen projects. The Ministry of Culture and Information is in charge of controlling and assessing the state of media pluralism and concentration in printed press.

The Law on Electronic Media, among other provisions, changed the name of the former Republicka radiodifuzna agencija (Broadcasting Agency - RRA) to Regulatorno telo za elektronske medije (the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Media - REM) and broadened its competences. Besides the issuing of reprimands and warnings and the revoking of licenses, the REM now has the power to temporarily prohibit the transmission of certain types of content in cases of serious violations of the law. Under the Law on Electronic Media, REM is responsible for measuring concentration in broadcasting media.