In recent years, the media environment in Serbia shows signs of decline, particularly in the fields of media freedom, security of journalists, and financial sustainability of many media outlets. This situation was observed by most leading organisations monitoring media developments.

Serbian media are numerous and financially unsustainable and dependent on the authorities for advertising. Lack of protection and financial security for journalists allows politicians to exert control over media.

Threats, violence and intimidation against journalists are rising.

The legislative package in the media sector is aligned with EU standards but still needs to be fully implemented. Political will for that is on declining path, as well as political use and obstruction of regulatory bodies.

Independence in editorial policy of both public broadcasters (RTS and RTV) is endangered which hinders their capacity to provide reliable and unbiased information to all citizens. 

Functioning institutions and respect of laws by all stakeholders, including the government, together with the pressure from international institutions, primarily EU, to adhere to the principles of media freedom as a condition for future integration, is what media professionals see as tools to improve poor situation in the media field in Serbia.