Journalists associations

The largest Russian journalists’ association is Russia’s Union of Journalists (RUJ) established in 1918. Nowadays it unites more that 100,000 journalists (estimate) from all over Russia representing 82 regional branches and about 40 creative associations. Since 1995 RUJ has been a part of the International Federation of Journalists. Its main goals look similar to those of trade unions though formally RUJ has a status of NGO. The main aims of the Union are protection of journalists’ rights and freedoms, support for professional standards, pluralism and media independence, and development of journalism education.  

Independently from RUJ, there are Unions of journalists in Moscow (estimated 15,000 members), in St-Petersburg and its region (established in 1957 and currently uniting about 2,500 journalists) and in Tatarstan (established in 1918 and uniting about 1,200 members). MediaSoyuz is another media organisation founded in 2001 as a non-commercial organisation called to facilitate freedom of speech and social protection of journalists. However, the position of MediaSoyuz is not influential and its impact on the professional unity and standards is unimportant.