Opinion makers

There are several popular multimedia platforms where Russians could access non-professional media content. Among them are LiveJournal, YouTube and Telegram.  

One of the most popular Russian bloggers is Iliya Varlamov, an architect by education. He created the most popular photo blog in LiveJournal, later he started his own critical media which has about 2 million visitors per month. Another popular person in LiveJournal is Artemii Lebedev, designer and businessman, with his blogs about personal journeys, work, inventions and many other. They both are among the top persons on Telegram.  

As for YouTube, the most popular channels are done by children – Like Nastya (8.2 million subscribers), a five years old girl, Miss Katy (6.8 million subscribers), three years old girl, and Mister Max (6.5 million subscribers), eight years old boy. All of these video blogs contain toys advertisings. Many popular non-professional channels are conducted by girls and discuss teenagers problems, beauty and lifestyle issues.  

The top three popular video bloggers includes:  

  • Ivangay (Ivan Rudskoy), author of a lifestyle blog where he sings, plays computer games, disputes with his subscribers and does parodies. Its core audience is made of teenage girls and the total reach is of about 11.6 million subscribers.
  • Max+100500 (Maxim Golopolosov), author and host of the show +100500 which is a review of ridiculous videos from the Internet with 8.2 million subscribers.
  • TheKateClapp (Ekaterina Trofimova) 24 years-old girl, author of the blog with comedy sketches, musical skits for show business stars, reviews of films and books, with 6 million subscribers.