Audience measurement organisations

One of the big gaps in the Nigerian media is the lack of credible broadcast industry audience measurement data that is accepted by all players in the sector. Three local companies — MPS, Mediatrax and MMS — measure audiences based on the monthly diary recall method, but data sets from these companies are lowly-regarded, often questionable, and rarely available to the public. Also, according to Emeka Mba, former Director General of the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), some of the media buying and advertising agencies are themselves the owners of some of the measurement companies. And, even then, the ratings data are not used in media buying decisions, as brands/agencies tend to rely on bespoke/in-house research.

One audience measurement agency that publicly releases its data, though, is Kantar-GeoPoll Media Measurement (KGMM), a fusion of two groups with complementary skill sets: Kantar Media's expertise in audience research and GeoPoll's mobile survey platform. KGMM uses panel-based mobile surveys to collect audience measurement data for TV, radio, and print.

Advertisers and other members of the Nigerian public often rely on Alexa for measuring the audience strength of digital newspapers.