Mobile coverage

The East and West were rejoined after the collapse of the regime and new plans for investments and improvements were maturing, but these were faced with the 2014 civil war that led to splitting the government, and the East government took control over half of the country’s Internet and mobile network. This continued until a solution was reached between the eastern and western authorities to rejoin both branches in December 2015.

Telecom and Internet services have been regularly disrupted for number of reason including the regular blackouts across the country, other times the cuts are caused by the government or militias to keep news from spreading, while the infrastructure is subject to sabotage from copper thieves who cut the cabling and batteries to sell the material as scrap metal, with engineers and staff facing security threats when attempting to fix isolated sites or remote facilities.

In September 2018 disputes and tensions arose between the eastern and western authorities because of alleged corruption reports and this might lead to tearing the network once more, slowing down the Internet and dropping the mobile coverage across the country, especially in the southern parts of the country, also stopping all running projects and future investments.