Company profiles

Libya Post, Telecommunication and Information Company (LPTIC) was established in 2005 by the Prime Minister decree number 63 to become the holding company and owner of all communication companies in Libya. It was headed and partially owned by Colonel Gaddafi's eldest son Mohammed Gaddafi. LPTIC has been established for the purpose of investment in telecommunications infrastructure in the country and abroad, and the company owns a group of investments inside and outside the country, including investment portfolios in Argentina, UAE, Canada, Mauritius, Cote D'Ivoire, Italy, UK and Saudi Arabia.

LPTIC subsidiaries include the following:

Al-Bunya Investment & Services Company which focuses on investing, constructing, operating and maintaining the infrastructure facilities of the telecommunication services network in Libya.

Hatif Libya Company which is the main national telephony company, and is the owner and in charge of developing the national and local phone lines, including local systems in cities. It had 1,374,408 subscribers in 2016.

The Libyan International Telecom Company (LITC), manages all of the ports and international contacts in Libya meeting the need for international communication from other LPTIC subsidiaries from telephony to data services.

Aljeel Aljadeed is a more modernised and diversified services company. It provides fixed lines, mobile and Internet service and TV broadcasting.

Libyana Mobile Phone Company has the biggest market share for mobile phone operators in Libya. It was established in 2004 and began offering GSM mobile services in September 2004 and GPRS services in 2006. It has the largest market share in Libya but it does not provide the best services and has issues coping with the large number of customers. It has 6,988,218 mobile phone subscribers and 2,086,237 mobile data/Internet subscribers.

Almadar Aljadeed Company was founded in 1996 and it began offering services to the public in 1997. It’s the most popular and respected mobile operator in Libya, with a very good network coverage and Internet services, as well as premium services for businessmen and clients. In 2013 it was recorded that Almadar had 4.841.749 subscribers.

Libya Telecom and Technology (LTT) was founded in 1997, and it dominates the ISP sector. Also it’s the most used Internet service provider for Libyans through its DSL, WiMax and recently introduced 4G services. It has nearly 400,000 subscribers and is also the owner of the LibyaPhone mobile service with around 80,000 subscribers.

Other subsidiaries are Libya Post which is the country's main postal service and the investment arm LAP Green Networks which oversees the investments outside the country.

Following the collapse of the Gaddafi regime, a number of ISP licenses were issued, and the number continued to rise and today there are more than 25 ISP connections and more than 23 VSAT connection. A number of these private companies managed to find footing on the Libyan market providing local services, while the state is encouraging competition but still in control of the Internet. The main players in these companies are Ion Telecom and Technology (mainly in the eastern parts of the country), RAWAFED LIBYA (mainly in the western parts of the country) and Trans-Sahara IT and Communication (a VSAT company with focus on providing ICT solutions and services to oil companies where mobile and Internet services are not available).