News agencies

The main Italian news agency is ANSA, a cooperative owned by Italy’s major national newspapers and economically supported by public funds. It was established in 1946, at the end of the Second World War, after transitioning away from its position as the official news agency of the Fascist regime. Today, ANSA is renowned for its neutral approach to news and is even considered the most legitimate source of Italian news internationally. Several other agencies exist as well, such as AdnKronos, AGA, AGI, Radiocor, and Askanews, and each supply news in a plurality of formats.

On the web, there are many sites providing services to news organizations. Several of these news agencies have a mixed character; on one hand, they can be very politically oriented services, while on the other, they often mix together entertainment, gossip and news. Dagospia is a clear example of this overlap between factual news and gossip.