Landscape analysis

The innovation sector in Iraq is mainly based in universities and colleges throughout the country. University professors, master's students and PhD students have the main interest in this sector, more than lower grade students and normal citizens. The innovation researches are often done through personal efforts without direct support from the government. The government does not provide funds for research purposes.

However, the government has lowered the costs of registering patents by Iraqi and foreigners. This is the only encouragement by the government to the innovation sector.

The Industrial Property Department (COSQC), a governmental institution of the Ministry of Planning, supervises on the conditions, specifications and registration of patents. The registration fee for one patent is US$115, and the patent renewal fee is US$5 per year.

COSQC does not receive requests for patents only from Iraqi citizens, but also from foreign citizens; the department’s data show that there are Dutch, German, Swiss, British and Russian people within the lists of patented inventors.

According to the COSQC, 264 patents were registered in 2016 and 323 patents were registered by Iraqi citizens in 2017. As for patents submitted by foreign citizens, 113 patents were registered in 2016 and 65 patents in 2017.

Patents by Iraqi citizens are related to materials industry, agriculture and construction materials like pipes and simple electrical equipment, as well as in chemicals, while the digital technology and software sector are of limited interest.

There are also some blogs like Iraq STI which discuss issues related to development activities and the role of science, technology and innovation in sustainable development, economy diversification, and transition to the digital economy.