Profiles of main tech parks, accelerators, hackathons

The Iraqi youth mainly adopt initiatives on the exchange of technological expertise by organising limited technological gatherings because there is no direct or indirect support from the governmental institutions in the country.

The open-air markets where computers, Internet devices and telephones are sold are the most prominent electronic gatherings in Iraq, most notably the Sharie Alsinaea (Industrial Street) and Sharie Al-Rubaie (Al-Rubaie Street) in Baghdad.

Share Alsinaea, which is located next to the University of Technology (UOT), is the most popular and includes dozens of shops mainly dedicated to the sale of electronic devices and software which are run by technology and software developers. This market is an opportunity to exchange experiences.

Despite the lack of periodic technology groups, developers and technicians use social networking sites, especially Facebook and YouTube, to exchange experiences and discussions on the latest technological developments worldwide. There are dozens of pages and groups on Facebook about it such as ITECH Apple, Computer engineering of Iraq, Iraqi Group Of Programmers, Iraqi Technical on YouTube and IQpeace on Twitter.

A limited number of Iraqi youths get international invitations to participate in special international conferences on technology as a result of individual efforts.

There are some organisations and institutions that organise technical meetings for the youths who are interested and specialised in this field, especially in business administration and youth support organisations to encourage small projects. The private sector is also are one of the actors in organising technical meetings such as Hiteck Iraq, Bitetech, TechHub, and The Station.

The private sector banks and mobile phone companies organise technological gatherings as part of their activities in support of the community.