In 2015, the radio sector had a 9.6bn forints (31.2m euros) share in the total advertising revenues, evincing a 3 percent decrease compared to 2014, according to Magyar Reklámszövetség (Hungarian Advertising Association). In the same year, the market leading station Class FM had 2.9bn forints (€9.44m euros) revenue.

The radio sector has increased its listenership since 2015. According to a report by TSN Hoffmann-Mediameter, nearly 6 million people listened to the radio on a daily basis in the June-September 2016 period , displaying an increase of 100,000 people compared to the previous year. In the period of November 2015-January 2016, 64 percent of the population listened to the radio at home, 45 percent in their cars, 19 percent at work or at school, 6 percent at other places, while 8 percent declared not to listen to the radio on an average day.

Since the public broadcaster MTVA (Media Service Support and Asset Management Fund) terminated its contract with the TNS Hoffmann-Mediameter consortium at the end of 2016, the last available data on the audience figures of the major public radio stations (including Kossuth, Petőfi, Dankó, Bartók) date back to February 2016. Between December 2015 and February 2016, 2,886,000 daily listeners tuned in to the commercial station Class FM, 1,544,000 to public service Kossuth Rádió, 902,000 to public service Petőfi Rádió, 732,000 to the commercial broadcaster Music FM, 382,000 to public service Dankó Rádió; 172,000 to public service Bartók Rádió, and 116,000 to the private talk station Lánchíd Rádió. The total reach of the public radio stations was 3,000,000 people. Class FM, the only nationwide commercial broadcaster lost its frequency license and stopped broadcasting on 19 November 2016.

Among the market leading stations, Class FM is owned by Advenio Zrt. (formerly a property of Lajos Simicska and Zsolt Nyerges and then sold to Sláger Rádió Plc. in May 2016); Kossuth, Petőfi, Dankó and Bartók are public radio stations; Music FM is owned by Lánchíd Rádió Műsorszolgáltató Ltd., while Lánchíd Rádió is the property of Nemzet Lap- és Könyvkiadó Ltd. (both companies being owned by Lajos Simicska).