Digital media

Most daily and weekly print publications have online versions, usually accessible free of charge and funded through advertising, albeit these usually offer more restricted content than the printed original. Major outlets also make digital copies accessible upon subscription via four accredited providers, including Digitalstand Ltd., Five International Ltd., TestMan Ltd., and Inform Média Ltd. It is to note, though, that only a few dozens or hundreds of subscribers use these digital copies, according to data provided by MATESZ. Most news outlets provide users with smartphone applications.

All of the three market-leading telecommunication companies (Magyar Telekom, UPC and Digi TV) offer live and on-demand online services for the following devices: television, computer, smartphone, tablet and smart television (the latter with Digi TV only). The applications offered by the three services, including TV GO (Magyar Telekom), Horizon GO (UPC) and DIGI Online (Digi TV) are available online via websites and for iOS, Android and Windows smartphone devices. Subscribers are free to use these with an existing cable television contract (except with DIGI, which requires a combined television + Internet contract). In Hungary, only TV GO provides online streaming media, with hundreds of movies and television shows (and with additional charges).