Opinion makers

The biggest blog-hosting site is Blog.hu which is operated by Index.hu, Hungary’s second most popular news website; It is the 10th most visited site in Hungary, according to Alexa.com. The second biggest news site, Origo.hu, has a blog-hosting site as well, called Reblog.hu, but this is much less popular. Many Hungarians use international blog-hosting sites such as Google’s Blogspot.com or Tumblr.com.

Since there are no publicly available data on the number of Hungarian blogs or the number of visitors, the only reliable method to measure a blog’s popularity is to look at the site’s Facebook page and the number of people who have liked it. Some of the biggest and most popular blogs edited by an editorial stuff include Kettős Mérce (on politics, with 106,716 Facebook likes), Street Kitchen (on gastronomy, with 109,718 Facebook likes), WMN (on lifestyle, with 81,838 Facebook likes), Határátkelő (on Hungarians living abroad, with 50,471 Facebook likes), Sorozatjunkie (on television shows and series, with 29,222 Facebook likes), Könyvesblog (on books, with 24,929 Facebook likes), and Comment:com (on the media, with 22,853 Facebook likes).

The most popular personal blogs dedicated to political issues include Puzser.hu (by the television host Róbert Puzsér, with 91,265 Facebook likes), Torokgaborelemez.blog.hu (by the political scientist Gábor Török, with 50,137 Facebook likes), Badog.blogstar.hu (by the journalist Zsolt Bayer, with 31,592 Facebook likes), and Twitter.com/dajcstomi (by the Fidesz politician Tamás Deutsch, with 61,200 followers).

In Hungary, Facebook is the most widely used social media platform for public figures to express their opinions. YouTube is the second most popular social network, with video bloggers including Videómánia (film reviews by Péter Dancsó, 594,948 subscribers), PamKutya (music parodies and videos, by two anonymous video bloggers, with 460,945 subscribers), The VR (video game reviews by István Fábian and János Komzsik, with 450,193 subscribers). Twitter is only the 7th most used social network in Hungary with 631,000 registered users.